The Journey Begins

What kind of business will I start?  It must be something I can produce.  I will definitely sell my items on line.  Now, what am I going to produce?  I began looking on Pinterest for ideas.  My interest is sparked. 

Epiphany…..Mom was an artist with a crochet hook.  I had never considered crocheting as an adult, but Mom taught me to crochet when I was growing up.  This I can do.  Wow, the items I am seeing on Pinterest are current; things I would actually wear or use.  I am seeing free patterns.  Yarn is cheap, it is light weight, it is not perishable, and smaller items can be made quickly.  I will start my craft business with crochet items!

Now I must gather patterns.  As I am perusing Pinterest for patterns, I come across blogging ideas.  This sounds like a perfect marriage.  I know almost nothing about building a website, blogging or starting an online business.  This is a story I can tell as I go.  There will be plenty of mistakes along the way.  For goodness sake, my learning curve will certainly be steep which will make for lots of stories to tell.

I decide to get my website started so I can begin chronicling this process.  My first lesson is that I needed to register a domain name.  I had no idea how to do that.  My husband said, “Kim Komando is always talking about You should give them a try.”  So, I did.  They have this tool that you put in all the words related to your business or blog and it generates a list of possible domain names that are not already registered.  With that nifty tools help, I came up with my domain name,  Oh, it makes a difference which extension you choose for your domain name (.com, .net, .co, .org, etc.).  Your choice may be registered as a .net domain and available as a .com domain.  Who knew?  I proceeded to register my newly and uniquely pinned domain name with  I went to bed that night feeling like I had truly accomplished something.  I am the proud owner of a registered domain name.

Little did I know, I had made my first mistake.  I set out the next morning to find out where was the best place to start my website.  In the process, I find out that I need a hosting service as well as a website building site.  Research shows me that I the most recommended hosting site is and the best website building site for a blogger is  Armed with my registered domain name, I go to to get started.  I enter my domain name in the box that says, “Use Registered Domain Name” and it won’t let me use it.  What???

After multiple tries at using my domain name, I go searching for a way to contact customer or tech support.  I found a chat icon.  Via chat, I learn that you must register your domain name with the hosting site you are going to use.  If you register your domain name with another hosting site, you will have to wait sixty days before you can use your domain name anywhere else.  Oh my goodness, what now?  The nice person I am chatting suggests I contact and see if they will release the domain registration.  I am also told that 24 to 48 hours after the domain registration is released that I can contact and they can help me get my domain name registered with Long story short, lots of chat and phone time and three days later I have my domain name registered with  Thankfully has a one click install for

I am finding that this is lots of fun.  I am determined to get this done.  Success will be mine!