Another Mistake

Last evening, I received a message from Woocommerce stating the theme on this site has incompatibility issues with Woocommerce’s Storefront plug in.  I am not sure exactly what will be the best fix.  Changing this site’s theme may be the easiest fix.  The thought of that scares me a bit.  I do not want to start this site all over again.  I think I am going to leave things as they are until my son-in-law, the computer engineer, can help me.  If I can find a fix this myself and it does not require a complete redo of this website, I will let you know.  If my son-in-law must engineer the fix, as best I can, I will let you know what his fix is.

For those of you that have been following this blog, I have many articles on starting a blog and starting an online business saved on my Pinterest account.  I have separate pages for each.  If you would like to read the articles I have pinned, you can follow me, Ginger Perkins, on Pinterest.

Short post today.  My focus at today is my crochet inventory.  Pictures to come….