The Beginning of a Craft Business


This site is meant to be a diary of the process of starting an online craft business.  If that is what this is, I am about two weeks behind. 

This all started with my fascination with Pinterest.  Then it got jumpstarted when I lost my job.  After much prayerful consideration and mu husband’s wise counsel, the decision was made for me to take my destiny into my own hands by starting my own business.  The journey begins!

About the Author:

I am the mother of three grown children.  They are my greatest blessing and achievement.  Between the three of them, they have blessed me with 14 grandchildren.  My grandchildren range in age from 4 to 16 years old.  The oldest two have learner’s permits and are learning to drive.  My goodness, how did that happen?  Before I can blink, they will have their driver’s licenses and be driving on their own.

I am a retired:  math tutor, computer technician (back in the days of DOS), advertising graphic designer, bookkeeper, office manager and dental assistant, If you haven’t figured it out, I am one of those people who couldn’t figure out what she wanted to be when she grew up.   I have also done a few other things: 

  • I baked and sold bread so I could stay home when my children were small.
  • To save money, I baked and decorated all my children’s birthday cakes. I even made two of their wedding cakes.
  • I have made dresses for my two girls ranging from Christmas and Easter dresses to formals, bridesmaid dresses and one wedding dress. I also taught sewing when my children were in 4-H.
  • For years my girls and I made all the family’s Thanksgiving and Christmas pies and Austrian strudel. I did consider selling pies online at one point in time.  I make a unique maple bourbon candied pecan pie.

That being said, what business am I going to start?  There are times when having options is not such a good thing.  Then my fascination with Pinterest solved the problem.