Life Event Delays Blog Posts

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Since I checked in here last, there has been one significant event that has effected my family. Our area was flooded.  My oldest daughter had several feet of water in her home.  Which required most of the interior of her home to be rebuilt.  As you can imagine this took many hours of work from many friends and family members.  They were blessed with donated time, materials, clothing, furniture.  Some of the stores they had purchased furniture and appliances from replaced them or allowed them to purchase new items at cost.  God truly took them under His wing.  In their four […]

Etsy Shop Open

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As you can tell by the title, I have not yet been able to solve the conflict issues between my theme and WooCommerce.  I have lost enough time.  So, I have opened a shop on Etsy.  The name of my shop is MyCraftsperation.  There is not much in the way inventory at this time. Just two items, a completed bandana scarf and an unfinished basket. I am very proud that I finally have some place to sell the things I make. Every item will be available as shown or customized to customer specifications. Here is a picture of my bandana […]

Another Mistake

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Last evening, I received a message from Woocommerce stating the theme on this site has incompatibility issues with Woocommerce’s Storefront plug in.  I am not sure exactly what will be the best fix.  Changing this site’s theme may be the easiest fix.  The thought of that scares me a bit.  I do not want to start this site all over again.  I think I am going to leave things as they are until my son-in-law, the computer engineer, can help me.  If I can find a fix this myself and it does not require a complete redo of this website, […]

The Website Begins

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I started my work day by sitting down in front of my computer only to hear my dogs obnoxiously barking. I am an animal lover, but I hate it when my dogs bark at my neighbors.  In my flip flops, I run outside and chase down my dogs and make them come in the house.  Now my feet are wet and covered in wet grass, yuk! Now they are all quiet, lying down and looking at me with their eyes saying, “Really Mom, we didn’t mean to do anything wrong.”  They always find a way to melt my heart, regardless […]

The Journey Begins

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What kind of business will I start?  It must be something I can produce.  I will definitely sell my items on line.  Now, what am I going to produce?  I began looking on Pinterest for ideas.  My interest is sparked.  Epiphany…..Mom was an artist with a crochet hook.  I had never considered crocheting as an adult, but Mom taught me to crochet when I was growing up.  This I can do.  Wow, the items I am seeing on Pinterest are current; things I would actually wear or use.  I am seeing free patterns.  Yarn is cheap, it is light weight, […]