Life Event Delays Blog Posts

Since I checked in here last, there has been one significant event that has effected my family. Our area was flooded.  My oldest daughter had several feet of water in her home.  Which required most of the interior of her home to be rebuilt.  As you can imagine this took many hours of work from many friends and family members.  They were blessed with donated time, materials, clothing, furniture.  Some of the stores they had purchased furniture and appliances from replaced them or allowed them to purchase new items at cost.  God truly took them under His wing.  In their four house area, they are the only ones that are currently able to occupy their home.  Being in their home means everything to a Mom and Dad with seven children. This only happened through God’s grace and love.

Needless to say everything here has been on hold.  I hope you understand.  I have continued to craft.  I have focused on creating items to help my daughter’s house feel like a home.  It also got me to adventure into new areas of crafting.  I have pictures of some of the things I created for my girl and others I will photo once they are permanently placed in her home. Below are photos of some of the items made for her teal and yellow kitchen.

The next photo is of an 11 inch diameter flower I made as a center for an afghan for my granddaughter’s bed.

If you would like a customized item.  Please let me know.  I am always up for a challenge.  I have found that inspiration can come from anywhere, even from devastation.  For our family, kindness, a smile and even small generosities provided hope.  If all you can share is a smile, share it.  It could mean more than you know.  Continue crafting and being inspired.  Please share you inspirations with me. I can’t wait to hear from you.

Please keep all those affected by Hurricane Harvey in your thoughts and prayers.