The Website Begins

I started my work day by sitting down in front of my computer only to hear my dogs obnoxiously barking. I am an animal lover, but I hate it when my dogs bark at my neighbors.  In my flip flops, I run outside and chase down my dogs and make them come in the house.  Now my feet are wet and covered in wet grass, yuk! Now they are all quiet, lying down and looking at me with their eyes saying, “Really Mom, we didn’t mean to do anything wrong.”  They always find a way to melt my heart, regardless of how aggravated they make me.

Now to our subject matter….

Once you have WordPress installed, print out the start-up instructions and follow them.  Follow them step by step.  Needless to say, this was not my process.  I did not even notice there were start-up instructions until my fourth installation of WordPress.  I have spent many hours building this blog four times.  I must admit each build went a little bit faster as I learned a little each time.  I would not recommend this method of learning.  In my opinion, using the instructions is a much more efficient course of action.  In your build process, an important step is choosing a templet or theme.  I would advise taking your time in choosing your theme.  WordPress has many free theme options.  It is a bit time consuming to look through all the themes and then preview the features of those that interest you, but in the long run it is time well spent. 

I mentioned free themes above.  I have not addressed the cost of anything until now.  I told you in my last post that I initially registered my domain name with  Not only was it a costly mistake in terms of time, but it was a waste of $12.00.  Not a large sum of money, but for me every dollar counts.  I ended up paying about that to Bluehost when I was finally able to register my domain there.  Being unemployed, I have a very limited budget. On everything I have done I have chosen the free option or the cheapest option.  I read many blog/website start-up articles.  What I got out of almost everyone is that the less you spend the better off you will be in the long run.  You can always upgrade your options as your website grows and your needs change. 

My advice, for what it is worth, is read everything you can find about getting started.  Follow the advice of those who are doing something similar to what you plan to do.  There are lots of options out there.  Keep in mind that you are unique and take responsibility for your choices.  I hope I can save you at least a few mistakes.   If you are in doubt about any choice, read more.  I highly recommend always looking for instructions then reading and following them.  Even if it doesn’t save you money, it will save you time in the long run.

All of my website is still not running as I would like.  For those of you hanging with me, I apologize for that.  My email button does not work as properly.  I am going to leave it as is for now for fear of messing it up more.  I have a bit of an ace in the hole in that my son-in-law is a computer engineer.  In a few weeks, he will be able to help me with the things I am not happy with or do not work as I would like.

I promised family antidotes.  This one is not particularly amusing.  The reason I have tried to do this on my own is that about the same time I lost my job, our area suffered the most severe flooding I have seen in the forty years I have lived in this area.  While we only had a few inches of water in our home, my daughter had about five feet of water in the first story of their home and about 8 feet of water in their garage.  We are extremely thankful that our whole family and all our pets are safe and healthy.  The force of a flash flood is powerful.  The water hit my daughter’s neighbor’s home before it hit hers.  The water moved her neighbor’s home off the foundation.  Flood water brings more mud, mold and bugs than you can imagine.  Cleaning, treating and restoring a home after a flood is certainly more work than I ever imagined.  My youngest grandson has had the most visible reaction.  As the flooring,  sheet rock and insulation were removed, he became terrified that his home was going to fall down.  He is better now that things are going back together.  The trauma to all those that had to be rescued from that water from the adults to the children and even to the animals is as devastating as the physical damage you can see to the property.  Please keep our family in your prayers.  This story being told, you now know why I have waited to request my son-in-law’s help on my website.

I promise that future stories will be lighter in nature.

I am waiting on my cotton yarn to be delivered.  My plan is to open my shop with a line of kitchen items.  I will be previewing the items in a bright sunny yellow and in a teal.  This is because the first ones I make will be for my daughter’s kitchen.  She has chosen those colors for her kitchen because she says they are her happy colors.  Those of you who do not crochet, I hope these products (dishcloths, towel holders, hot pads, and trivets) will meet your needs.  I will be making them available in any available color of yarn.  Do not be afraid to request a custom color.  For those of you who do crochet, I will be making my patterns available free of charge on this site.  If I can figure out how, I will also make downloadable versions of each pattern available at minimal cost.  I am hoping to get the shop up and running in the next week or two. 

There are many platforms to use to start a shop. is probably the one you hear about the most.  On Pinterest, I have noted several others.  The ones I have taken mental note of are:  Etsy, Shopify, Crafty, Blogspot, Ebay, Amazon and Woocommerce.  Woocommerce is free add-on to WordPress and is a WordPress product.  As you may have noticed, I am a fan of free.  I am going to be taking a serious look at Woocommerce.  As I said before, do your research.  Read, read, read.  I will keep you posted on how things are working out for me.  I may use more than one platform to gain more exposure as long as I can justify the cost.

As my daughter and I need groceries, I will see you tomorrow.  Thank you for joining me for today’s excursion.